Top billing software for retail shop

Are you retail shop owner looking to change your billing software or an entrepreneur looking to start a retail shop, There are things that is essential in running a retail outlet. From Inventory management to Tax filling certain aspects has to be properly organized and reports from those organized data can help a business grow profitably.

A feature-rich software alone cannot help a business succeed. Every shop owner nightmare is customer’s lining up in a queue for checkout and you had to turn way due to a technical glitch in your billing system. Because of that a proper training & dedicated customer support for the software is required.

You can find the top 5 billing software for retail shops below

1.HDPOS Retail

HDPOS also called as Hyper Drive Solutions offers products for retail shops, restaurants, salon, schools. It offers HDPOS smart for retail shops


  • POS, inventory management, financial accounts management,
  • Analytical reports 
  • Customer loyalty management,  advanced offers and
  • promotions, customer grouping
  • Multiple price lists, gift cards, integrated promotional email and text messages 
  • Designing and printing of barcode stickers, custom invoice design, product catalog printing 
  • Extensive bill of material (BOM) support, production planning  
    Weight scale integration
  • Multilingual support. Get complete user interface in language of your choice
  • Integration with various payment gateways, customer display screen, support for Pole display
  • Stock transfers, stock in transit, franchise management, multiple currencies,
  • Flexible tax definitions and tax management, in-state and international taxes, tax filing reports,Dynamic sub-grouping of SKU’s, suggestions for re-orders, purchase history management
  • Cash register, cash register sessions, cash register closing reports, easy cash transfers


It offers flexible pricing such as monthly/onetime. Price starts from $20/month or $400 one time fee.

2.)Tally Shopper 9

Tally Shoper 9 Features

  • Alerts Management
  • Alignment with GS1 Standard
  • Till Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Print Engine
  • Multiple Prices
  • Predictive Bill Value
  • Tally.ERP 9 Interface
  • Security Management
  • SIS (Shoper Integration Server)
  • Live Update
  • Management Reports
  • Flow of Goods and Information
  • Comprehensive Data Synchronisation
  • Technology

Tally Shoper 9 Pricing

Starts from $650

3.)Marg Retail software

Easy & Fast Billing

Generate batch wise invoices ,with detailed information about different Businesses


Manage inventory levels, set reorder points to replenish stock and save your loses due to expiry.

GST filing

Push transactions into the GST portal and directly file returns from Marg® Erp

Auto-Bank Reconciliation

Avail online banking option with ICICI Bank and Auto-Bank reconciliation facility with 140+ Banks only in Marg ERP.

Import Purchase

Allow to import purchase from any excel or csv format to save your time with 100% accuracy


Stay on top of your finances with powerful 1000’s of sales, purchase, inventory & accounting reports

Barcode Management

Helps cipher all merchandise info in a very barcode in order that it becomes straightforward for storehouse owners to quickly & accurately track merchandise.

Touch Screen

A helpful feature that improves easy use and permits businesses to appear teams and their things with their photos in a very desired sequence.

Expiry management

Keeps a track of termination date and timely come back to provider before the merchandise expires.


Pricing Starting at $100.


Gofrugal Retail Features

  • Fast Billing
  • Inventory
  • Cloud POS
  • Third party Integrations
  • CRM & Loyalty
  • Multi store Management
  • Smart Reports
  • Integrated Accounting
  • Purchase & Reorder
  • Security

Mobile Billing

Gofrugal Allows Mobile Integration to Billing system

Gofrugal Retail Pricing

Price start from $250

5.)Square Pos

Square Pos interface on an IPAD

Square POS Features


  • Get a purpose-built POS system for retail
  • Set up unlimited staff permissions
  • Print bar code labels
  • Track inventory across all your locations
  • Run advanced inventory reports
  • Data Security (PCI) compliant


  • 2.5% + 10¢ per tap, dip, or swipe
  • Deposits as fast as the next business day or instantly for a 1% fee
  • Square Secure included
  • Dispute management
  • Data security and fraud prevention


  • Runs on iPad only
  • Sell at your counter or on the go
  • Works with Square Stand
  • Connect a bar code scanner, receipt printer, and cash drawer
  • Add more accessories
  • End-to-end encryption out of the box with no configuration required

Square Pos Pricing

Starts at $60/month

The above are five billing software we thought would help shop owners besides the features and most importantly the pricing its up to you to decide after testing personally. Almost all software offer trial version and spending some time testing that software will save considerable time and resource from being wasted in the future. Hope your query is answered. Do you have any questions? or suggestions post a comment. Do you know you can boost your retail shop sales by starting a website for free? Find article on top 5 free hosting here.

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